My adventures with making ice cream. And eating it, too.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Chocolate Ice Cream

I'd made enough combination flavors in the past bunch of months (not all of which I've blogged about) that I just wanted to make chocolate. Just chocolate. Nothing-in-it-chocolate. I had eggs on hand, so I went with a custard-style recipe in A Perfect Scoop.

The recipe calls for unsweetened chocolate and cocoa powder. The result is a really deep, smooth chocolate flavor. The recipe is pretty darn perfect. I wouldn't change it at all.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Strawberry, Second Thoughts

I've eaten the strawberry ice cream again. I'm having second thoughts about it.

It leaves my mouth coated in a vaguely unpleasant way. I think this might be due to a combination of the high fat content and the absence of eggs, although I'm not sure about the eggs (I mean, I know the ice cream is eggless).

I still like the flavor of the ice cream but this mouthfeel issue is troubling.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


It's the end of strawberry season. I had some leftover berries. I'd been meaning to make strawberry ice cream for a long time but haven't gotten to it.

I used fresh berries that we picked. They were actually a couple weeks old but they were still in good shape.

I picked up fresh milk and cream from Fish Family Farm that I bought at the farmer's market around the corner from my office.

Randomly, I chose Emily Luchetti's recipe. She has you cook the berries down with some sugar until you've essentially created jam. You combine that with the warmed dairy. That's a decent way to deal with iciness usually associated with strawberry ice cream. Not a great way, since you lose the freshness of the berries (although, with the berries spending a couple weeks in the fridge, they weren't just out-of-the-field fresh) and you sort of end up with Strawberry Jam Ice Cream instead.

The result was interesting. I'm not sure if it's the recipe, a step didn't follow correctly, something with the cream before I even used it, or something else entirely, but the ice cream has a distinct tang. It's not a bad tang but neither I nor my wife expected it when we started eating it. I do like it but it's not what I was expecting. Again, I'm not at all sure what happened. That said, next time, I'll be tempted to try a different recipe.

Ice Cream Sandwich: Three Tarts

Some friends and I went on a bakery tour of Lower Manhattan. This was our fourth such tour, so we're experienced enough to know not to eat yourself into a coma at the first stop. The last stop, however, you can go as wild as you want. Three Tarts was the last stop. They had a lot of delicious looking items and they also had ice cream sandwiches. I had room and figured it was the right thing to do.

A sign indicated they had one banana ice cream in a chocolate brownie sandwich. Naturally, this is what I selected. The banana ice cream was practically perfect. Not at all icy. A goodly amount of banana flavor and it didn't taste artificial. The brownie part was soft and chocolaty. It was delicious.

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