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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Free Ice Cream

I recently had a great run of free ice cream.

A few weeks ago, some group had an ice cream social in the Capitol. Sure, it was only Edy's but it was still free ice cream. A few days later, UConn had an ice cream social for some reason or other and had ice cream from their dairy bar. The following Thursday, the young farmers of Connecticut or some group like that had an informational ice cream social, which included ice cream from Tulmeadow Farm, which is just terrific.

Then, my sisters-in-law shipped me 10 pints of Kopp's Frozen Custard for my birthday. It's great stuff. Plus, getting ice cream in the mail is incredible.

This past weekend, there was Friendly's free ice cream afternoon. That was followed by an ice cream social at a local hardware store down the street from me. They had ice cream from Robb's, a farm in town that makes their own ice cream from their own eggs and cream.

Good times.

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