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Monday, July 16, 2007

Raspberry Chip

It's raspberry season in Connecticut. My wife insisted I make raspberry chip. She didn't need to ask twice. I used the recipe from William-Sonoma's Ice Cream for this. It calls for making a custard, processing the raspberries mixed with some sugar, and then combining the two and letting that sit in the refrigerator overnight. A straight forward recipe with no surprises or anything. The result was excellent. The fresh berries did their work. My wife enjoyed how they played against the mini semi-sweet chips she asked that I use. The flavor is sweet but not overly so and also a little tart. The texture is also very nice, smooth and creamy. An enjoyable flavor very suitable for celebrating National Ice Cream Day (July 14).

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Chris H said...

What sort of custard base are you using for the ice cream? It's been a while since I've made ice cream (although I think that status will be changing shortly), but I've always liked to heat the sugar with whatever base I'm using. My sense is that it makes for a less grainy ice cream. (Maybe you get a similar result from letting the sugar and raspberry puree rest overnight?)

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